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"DIY: Creating a Paper Piano - A Step-by-Step Guide"

how to make a paper piano origami

Hello everyone,

I recently had a student who expressed interest in learning how to make a piano out of paper - a fascinating concept known as "Piano Origami." Inspired by this idea, I decided to turn it into a fun activity to share with some of my other students.

We gathered as a group and began folding paper to create our own paper pianos. It was an enjoyable experience, filled with laughter and engagement. This activity allowed us to step away from the piano for a while and still have a great time while learning.

However, during the process, I realized that something was missing - the keyboard! Some of my students had improvised by drawing the keys on their paper pianos. This sparked an idea in me to create a version with a printed keyboard.

Initially, getting the measurements right proved to be a bit challenging. But after a few trial and error attempts, I finally figured it out.

Watch the video tutorial!

Now, I want you to have the opportunity to join in on the fun and keep your kids or students entertained. You can obtain your own copy of the sheet I created by clicking here: BUY HERE. Additionally, I have prepared a tutorial video on YouTube that will guide you through the process.

Let's explore the joy of making a paper piano together!

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